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Why Most People's Marketing Sucks?

We’re about to blow your mind!


Here’s our explanation written in black and white 

(Minus the screenshots)

Let’s first define marketing!

A screenshot of the definition of marketing from google search results

Google says “the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

What The Heck Does That Mean?

Simply put “Marketing is communicating how your product solves an issue that your clients are having.”

Here’s an example.

We help you market your business to improve your sales.

Why does this work?


Would you be here if you Marketing wasn’t an issue for you?


Maybe, you think your marketing is good but can be improved?


Maybe you just don’t want to do your marketing at all?

Well Great that’s what we are here for.

Then you hit them with the …

Get a Free Consultation!

With our expertise your business will excel! You literally have nothing to lose!

Now if you filled out the form then great! we did our job. 


If you didn’t great  we still did our job.


Why we got you this far. We provided enough value that now even though you may not want to work with us you know our brand.

Why is that a win-win?




Well one you know we know what we’re talking about 




We might work together in the future




You might refer us to someone who may want work with us.




We also have tracking on our website so you’ll see our ads in the future.



We got you to read this far so you’ve helped us with our SEO to reach other people.


and the list can go on and on!

The Main Question – Why Does Your Marketing Suck.

It’s actually not a simple answer but here’s a few starting points.

  1. You don’t have a clear direction for your brand.
  2. You are not solving the problem client is having.
  3. The client doesn’t have or is aware of the problem you are trying to fix.
  4. You’re not listening to your clients
  5. Your brand doesn’t resonate with your clients.


And the list can go on and on!


But if you’d like a free consultation give us a call at +1 (860) 337-9876 or email us