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We can help you with the entire production, filming, editing, drone footage, and more!

Durham Fair - Rick Springfield Live Concert

Combination of drone footage and video to bring to life the excitement of the Durham fair concert featuring Rick Springfield.

House Flipping Full Episode​

Just Because Media helped with the filming and post-production of the episode, resulting in an unmissable house flipping experience. After 2.5 years of editing, this thrilling episode is now LIVE. Subscribe to join the adventure and enjoy exclusive surprises. Dive into the world of house flipping and real estate like never before!

Propel Models: Behind The Scenes​

Behind the Scenes: Dive into the world of Propel Models, the Connecticut-based modeling agency, and discover the magic that brings our visions to life. Join us on our journey of creativity and style. Stay tuned for more exclusive glimpses into our world!

What Is Snapline?

Just because media, we’re thrilled to announce that our promo video showcasing your app is now live! We invite you to check it out and experience the fantastic presentation of your app that will leave everyone in awe. Let’s continue to shine together!

Proserv IT Commercial Series: Printer​

Have you ever been frustrated by a non-working printer? We understand that frustration all too well! But before you let that frustration get the best of you, take a moment to check your printer – because breaking it won’t solve the problem. At ProServ, we’re here to help, and we work fast to resolve your printer issues. Our team, led by the talented Michael Mayo, ensures that your printing headaches are a thing of the past. With creative direction from Michael Mayo and words by Todd White and Michael Mayo, we’re dedicated to making your printing experience as smooth as possible.

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