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Meet The Team

Get ready to be inspired by the world-class team you’ll be collaborating with!

As the saying goes, “Great things are never achieved alone.” Our team embodies this truth, and their combined brilliance is what sets us apart. Each member brings their unique strengths, skills, and experiences to the table, creating a powerhouse of creative problem-solvers and game changers.

Together, we will tackle challenges head-on, push boundaries, and achieve greatness. Get ready to be motivated and inspired by the amazing people you’ll be working with. Let’s do this!

Michael Mayo


Meet Michael Mayo, the friendly CEO/Founder of Just Because Media! With experience from numerous digital media firms, he pursued his passion to create a transparent and affordable agency for everyone, no matter their level in marketing. His main drive? Helping the underdog achieve their goals! When he’s not working, you can catch Michael playing music, singing, or exploring the world through his travels.

Ali Saleh

Accounts Executive

We’re lucky to have Ali as our accounts executive. He does an amazing job of overseeing a broad range of things that our team has to work on so that we can keep you happy, informed, and have someone you can reach out to whenever you need help.

Elizabeth Agular

Executive Assistant

Shoutout to Elizabeth – she’s such an amazing asset to our team. Not only does she help out with on-site projects, but as a production assistant, she’s always on top of everything. Her organization skills and attention to detail are seriously impressive, and we’re so lucky to have her working with us!

Jeremy Blain


Jeremy who is a fantastic photographer. He has a true talent for capturing unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish forever. In addition to his photography skills, Jeremy is always willing to lend a hand with our social media presence. We’re so lucky to have him on our team, and think you’ll be blown away by his work!