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My Google Search Ad Gets Endlessly Stuck at “Checking for Errors”

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If you are getting this “Checking for errors” issue and your frustrated here’s how to fix it in less than 2 minutes!

Google Ads Checking For Error Glitch Screenshot.

This can be frustrating especially when you refresh and you have to all your work over again. Not to mention that google is no help in telling you what you need to fix. However after taking the time to diagnose the problem here’s how you can fix it.

How To Fix The Error

The setting you need to change can be found under ads and keywords

Google Ads Keywords and Ads section. Arrow pointing to click Ads.

Once you click that scroll down till you see this setting “Business Name”

If you have something filled out in there just delete it! This happens especially if you abbreviated your business name and google doesn’t know or understand that abbreviation.

This should fix the problem!

If you need help with your google ads and want our team of experts to solve your issues reach out to us!