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Everything Marketing Agencies Do in 2024

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Marketing was one of the most hottest topics in 2023 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2024.

What is a marketing agency supposed to do!

A marketing agency helps a business market its products and services with the goal to increase revenue or brand visibility. The agency focuses on a client’s ideal customer. This helps the agency create and refine marketing strategies to help them reach their goals and KPIs.

If you’d like to learn about the different types of marketing agencies read this article.

What we will talk about in this article:

  • What happens at an agency
  • What are some interactions between an agencies and clients like
  • What marketing agencies typically offer to their clients.
  • Is it worth hiring a marketing agency (pros & cons)
  • How to choose the right agency for you

What happens at an agency

Let’s breakdown the veil of an agency. A typical marketing agency will have a team (in-house) or even sometimes a network of other agencies or freelancers who are really skilled in what they do. When you hire a marketing agency they likely will assign someone as a lead who will learn as much as they can about your brand and create strategies that are tailored to your business. This is why often times you’ll have a rep who is in charge of your project development to ensure success.

An agency will assign employee or freelancers to handle day to day task necessary for the client. The benefits of that is the client doesn’t have to worry about juggling people where as the agency handles that all behind the scenes.

What are some interactions between an agencies and clients like

Nowadays after a whole pandemic we probably won’t always meet face-to-face but most interactions differ from agency to agency. One may choose to communicate through emails and schedule meetings and calls when necessary. Others may be more flexible and able to meet whenever. While others communicate through ticket systems. Which ever you choose make sure you understand and it works for you!

What marketing agencies typically offer to their clients

This can vary greatly depending on the agency in fact we have a whole article that breakdown what marketing agencies do we recommend reading it. However, in general a marketing agency will offer you a way to gain more clients. This is done by using different marketing channels to increase revenue and leads.

Is it worth hiring a marketing agency (pros & cons)

Creative Minds -A good agency focuses on out of the box marketingThe Expenses – Marketing agencies are a business and they have to expenses too so they’ll likely never do anything for free. So if you can afford it then it may be in your benefit.
Areas of Expertise – It’s what they do and focus onLack of Industry Experience – Some agencies only worked with a small number of industries so they may need more guidance and monitoring in the beginning.
New, Different Ideas – They bring fresh eyes to a projectMultiple Clients, Different Priorities – A recent study shows an SEO specialist at larger firms can be handling as much as 17 clients at once this can lead to deadlines being pushed off
More Time To Run Your Business – You just focus on your business

The point is to consider all the pros and cons before you hire a marketing agency!

How to choose the right agency for you

The easiest and most simple way to choose the right marketing agency for you is to talk with them and find out what they can do for your business. If it aligns with your goals and you like the way the information is presented take time to learn about the company. If you like what you see you can partner up with them. Do not be afraid to shop around if it’s not working for you.